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Folsom Makes Supporting Fellow Community Members Easy During the Pandemic

Cities are working hard to address the changing needs of their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes increasing their efforts to gather donations to help feed residents in need.
“Stop, Pop, and Go” created by the City of Folsom, made donating easy for community members and is a terrific demonstration of how LocalWorks. The city manager developed a structure for the donation events, reached out to partner with the local community faith-based organizations, and set up donation events throughout the city.
Community members were able to conveniently stop at one of the donation locations with food in their vehicle’s trunk, pop-open the vehicle’s trunk so the volunteer can take the items, and go once the items have been removed. The events collected thousands of pounds of food and essential items to help feed those in need during the pandemic.
Visit the City of Folsom’s Instagram post to learn more about the outcome of the “Stop, Pop, and Go” donation initiative
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