League of California Cities

Women’s Caucus

Visit the new Women's Caucus website at www.cacitieswomenscaucus.org.


Is a non-partisan and multicultural organization of local public officials who are dedicated to advancing and empowering women as leaders and advocating for issues that improve the well-being of women and our constituents throughout the state.


  1. Offering, as an overarching objective, support and value to our members
  2. Providing educational and leadership development opportunities
  3. Fostering sustainable partnerships and collaborative opportunities to accomplish common goals
  4. Providing mentoring and networking opportunities
  5. Supporting targeted policies that benefit women
  6. Maintaining and increasing fundraising to sustain Caucus activities

Executive Committee

  • President: Beatriz Dieringer, mayor pro tem, Rolling Hills
  • First Vice President: Ellen Kamei, vice mayor, Mountain View
  • Second Vice President: Rachelle Arizmendi, mayor pro tem, Sierra Madre
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Priya Bhat-Patel, council member, Carlsbad
  • Immediate Past President: Nancy Smith, vice mayor, Sunnyvale


  • Cheryl Viegas-Walker, council member, El Centro
  • Elizabeth Alcantar, mayor, Cudahy 
  • Jan Arbuckle, council member, Grass Valley
  • Jesse Loren, council member, Winters


We are dedicated to building stronger communities throughout California by supporting our members to lead more effectively and succeed on every level. To join our movement, please either submit membership dues via the online portal or fill out the membership form and send it with membership dues to:

League of California Cities -- Women's Caucus
1400 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Visit the new Women's Caucus website at www.cacitieswomenscaucus.org.

Contact Information

Please contact Annie V. Lam, executive director at (916) 955-6766 for membership inquiries and partnership opportunities.

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