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Presentation Materials Submission

Presentation materials are an important element of the Cal Cities educational programs. Please submit your presentation in either a Microsoft-friendly format such as PowerPoint (.ppt), or as a .pdf file. If your session is taking place on 03/25 or 03/26, presentations are due by 03/18. If your session is taking place on 03/31 or 04/01, presentations are due by 03/25.

Presenters are reminded that the material contained in their presentations should represent valuable, balanced information related to their session topic. Presentations should not be used as a vehicle to promote a specific commercial application and company logos are not permitted on session materials.

  • When naming your session materials, please use your session title and your last name. For example: "YourSessionTitle - Smith"
  • Changes can be made to your presentation by re-submitting your materials using the following naming pattern: Your session title, your last name and the revision number. For example: "YourSessionTitle - Smith - revision1"
Presenters Information and Material

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(Please note, materials can only be submitted in either a Microsoft-friendly document, PowerPoint Presentation or as a .pdf)

Please contact the education department at education@cacities.org with any questions, concerns or assistance needs you may have.

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