New Mayors and Council Members Academy Presentation and Materials Submission

Presentation and Materials Submission is an important element of Cal Cities educational programs. By Monday, Jan. 9, presenters must submit, at minimum, a session outline and/or presentation in either a Microsoft-friendly format such as PowerPoint (.ppt), or as a .pdf file.

Presenters are reminded that their presentations should represent valuable, balanced information related to their session topic. Presentations should not be used as a vehicle to promote a specific commercial application and company logos are not permitted on session materials.

  • When naming your session materials, please use your session title and your last name. For example: "YourSessionTitle - Smith"
  • Changes can be made to your presentation by re-submitting your materials before Monday, Jan. 9 using the following naming pattern: Your session title, your last name and the revision number. For example: "YourSessionTitle - Smith - revision1"
  • When submitting your session materials, please combine everything into one document.
  • You are expected to bring your presentation and all related support files with you to the session room, including anything embedded in your presentation such as video or audio files.
  • The preferred media for presentations is on a portable memory device such as a flash or USB drive.
  • If you are planning to use your own computer to present, please bring your own adaptor.
  • Make a back-up copy of your presentation for easy remote access. Examples include: an additional portable memory device such as a flash or USB drive, cloud-based file storage, etc.
  • If flying, we encourage you to store your presentation in carry-on luggage.
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Please contact the education department at with any questions, concerns or assistance needs you may have.