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Welcome Speakers!

The League of California Cities would like to thank you for your participation as a guest presenter at our upcoming League of California Cities 2021 City Managers Conference being held virtually, February 1, 3 and 5.

Included below are your key presenter’ deadlines as well as the League's speaker agreement form. Please read through and complete the required fields in order to acknowledge your acceptance of the League of California Cities’ presenter guidelines. Providing your digital signature on this agreement allows the League to move forward with the planning and promotion of your session, as well as the publishing of your name and affiliation (note: your contact information is strictly confidential) on our website and in marketing materials.

Should you have any questions, please contact the education department at education@cacities.org.


Complete the Speaker Agreement - Must be submitted no later than January 15 to be included in the program - see form below

Register for the conference if you wish to attend any sessions other than the one you are speaking on. Reach out to the conference program manager for speaker registration link.

A session planning call with those on the panel is required prior to your scheduled session rehearsal with the League.

Submit Presentation Materials

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Session Material and/or Powerpoint

Materials will be distributed electronically and made available online. The material contained in your presentation should represent valuable and balanced information related to various aspects of the session topic area. Presentations should not be used as a vehicle to promote a specific commercial application or solution. All session materials must be submitted to League Staff via the presentation submission form by Wednesday, January 20. Presentations should be submitted in a Microsoft format or PDF file, and all posted materials will be posted as PDF. We may offer the conference materials in a variety of formats: League's website, social media outlets, podcasts, or shared in e-mail discussion groups.

Speaker Acknowledgement and Agreement

My signature below warrants that all of the materials provided for the program do not violate any copyright or other proprietary rights of others; that the materials are my own original work; that I assign to the League of California Cities a nonexclusive copyright of the material for purposes of reproducing, distributing and/or selling the materials in any format to any audience.

I hereby consent to the League of California Cities' use of my photograph, video and audio recording of the virtual conference session, and that the League may make the recordings available post-event. (NOTE: The League does not permit audio/video capture of any type by session participants, attendees or outside organizations without the advanced and express written permission of the League Education Department.)


Please double check your name, title, and organization as this is how you will be recognized on the website and in print.

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