Presentation Materials Submission

Presentation materials are an important element of Cal Cities educational programs. Please submit your presentation in either a Microsoft-friendly format or as a .pdf file no later than Friday, September 10th.

Presenters are reminded that the material contained in their presentations should represent valuable, balanced information related to their session topic. Presentations should not be used as a vehicle to promote a specific commercial application and company logos are not permitted on session materials.

  • If your session group has created multiple presentations, please combine all presentations into one document before submitting to us, in the order the presenters are speaking.
  • When naming your session materials, please use your session title. For example: "YourSessionTitle"
  • Changes can be made to your presentation by re-submitting your materials before Friday, September 10th using the following naming pattern: Your session title, and the revision number. For example: "YourSessionTitle revision1"
Speaker Information and Material

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(Please note, materials can only be submitted in either a Microsoft-friendly format or as a .pdf)

Please contact the education department at with any questions, concerns or assistance needs you may have.