Presentation Materials Submission

Presentation materials are an important element of the League's educational programs. By Tuesday, September 10, it is requested that all presenters submit, at minimum, a session outline and/or presentation in either a Microsoft-friendly format or as a .pdf file.

Presenters are reminded that the material contained in their presentations should represent valuable, balanced information related to their session topic. Presentations should not be used as a vehicle to promote a specific commercial application and company logos are not permitted on session materials.

  • When naming your session materials, please use your session title and your last name. For example: "YourSessionTitle - Smith"
  • Changes can be made to your presentation by re-submitting your materials before Tuesday, September 10th using the following naming pattern: Your session title, your last name and the revision number. For example: "YourSessionTitle - Smith - revision1"
  • Please make sure your materials are in one document. Our system is unable to accept more than one document per presenter.

Bring your presentation and all related support files with you to your conference session. Accepted media for on-site presentations:

  • Flash Drive (preferred)
  • CD-R, CD-RW - When making a CD be sure to FINALIZE the session. If the recording session is not finalized, the CD may not be accessible from any other computer.
  • If you are flying, as a precautionary measure, you may want to make a backup copy of all files and transport that media in a separate piece of carry-on luggage.

Once again we will be offering an on-site speaker ready room for editing and reviewing your presentation. We encourage you to review your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room to ensure all images, animations, sounds, and transitions as well as Greek characters and graphs transferred successfully.

Speaker Information and Material

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(Please note, materials can only be submitted in either a Microsoft-friendly format or as a .pdf)

Please contact the education department at with any questions, concerns or assistance needs you may have.

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