Sept. 1, 2015
Issue #83

Editor's Note

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City Officials Should Tweet Pictures of Local Potholes to Their Legislators

The Fix Our Roads Coalition has launched a “Tweet Your Legislator” campaign in the final two weeks of the legislative session. City officials are invited to participate and help show legislators the potholes and crumbling streets in their communities that need funding. California’s deteriorating roads cost motorists an average of $762 per driver annual for vehicle maintenance and without additional funding, one-quarter of all local streets and roads will be in failed condition by 2024.

Public Works, Transportation, Action Item

State Water Resources Control Board Will Receive Public Comments on the Draft Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines and Funding

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) announced an opportunity for public comments, workshops and an adoption meeting for the Draft Storm Water Resource Plan Guidelines and the Draft Proposition 1 Storm Water Grant Program (SWGP) Funding Guidelines. Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments on the Plan Guidelines and Prop. 1 Funding Guidelines.

Water, Action Item, Meetings and Events
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