June 15, 2015
Issue #58

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Legislature Adopts Partial Budget Package, Negotiations Continue

Trailer Bills on Cap-and-Trade, RDA Dissolution, Drought Response Still Under Discussion

The Legislature today adopted a partial FY 2015-16 budget package by passing the main budget bill (AB 93) and four trailer bills. The remainder of the budget continues to be negotiated between the legislative leadership and Gov. Jerry Brown. Approving small clean-up bills after the budget deadline has become standard practice for the Legislature since 2010, when voters approved Proposition 25. It allows lawmakers to pass a budget on a majority vote. This year marks the first since the ballot measure’s passage that legislators have made their deadline while punting on most major issues.

Revenue and Taxation, State Budget, Legislation

California Supreme Court Upholds San Jose’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Against Constitutional Challenge

Today the California Supreme Court issued its decision in California Building Industry Association v. City of San Jose, in which the Court held that San Jose’s inclusionary housing ordinance was not a taking of private property for public use under the California or federal constitutions.

Housing, Legal Updates

DWR Holding Public Meetings on Draft Model Landscape Ordinance on June 16 and 19

Projected to Cut Water Use by 30 Percent or More on New Landscapes for Homes and Businesses

New California yards and commercial landscaping would use far less water under the rules of a model landscape ordinance updated by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) at the direction of Gov. Jerry Brown. The updated draft rules would prohibit installation of turf unless it is used for a specific function such as sports fields or gathering areas, require the installation of efficient sprinkler nozzles, ban turf in street medians and parkways with few exceptions and require use of compost to improve the water-holding capacity of soil.

Water, Meetings and Events
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