March 30, 2015

Issue #30

Editor's Note

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California’s Precarious Pavement Condition Trending Downwards

Local Streets and Roads Projected to Deteriorate Faster in Next Five Years without More Funding

In recent months, the League engaged in numerous discussions with state and federal lawmakers about the condition of California’s local streets and roads. These discussions are based on the most recent biennial Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment, which was released last October. This survey uses a four-tiered scale Pavement Condition Index (PCI) scale from zero to 100 to assess the conditions of local roads within California’s 58 counties. At first glance, the fact that the on-average rating for California’s local system is 66, just four points under what the study deems as good condition, does not appear to be alarming. The reality is that the local roads are on a precipice.
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