Jan. 16, 2015

Issue #5

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League New Mayors and Council Members’ Academy Brings Hundreds of City Officials to Sacramento for Education

League Officers Met with Legislative Leaders and Key Staff

Wednesday launched a very busy few days for the League of California Cities when approximately 450 elected mayors and council members came to the Capital city for three days of training. The annual event is designed to give newly elected city officials the information and skills they need to successfully lead their cities, including state-required AB 1234 Ethics Training.

Mayors and Council Members, Meetings and Events, League Policy

California City Solutions: Redwood City Improves Public Safety at Major Transit Hub, Shopping Center with Project SAFE

This story is part of an ongoing series featuring Helen Putnam Award entries. The 2014 entries are available on the League’s website as a resource for cities in a searchable database called California City Solutions. Redwood City’s Project Safe program was submitted in 2014 for the League Partners Award for Excellence in City-Business Relations award category.

Helen Putnam, CA City Solutions, Public Safety

ILG Releases 2014 Annual Report

As 2014 came to a close, the Institute for Local Government (ILG) had the chance to reflect on what turned out to be a productive and exciting year for the organization. A few highlights include providing technical assistance for local agencies across the state, expanding the collaborations and partnerships program to include the Cities Counties Schools Partnership and the Summer Meal Coalition, and increasing local interest in sustainable communities and the Beacon Program.


LA County Cities Have Until Jan. 21 to Comment on Proposed MS 4 Permit Petition

The State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) is asking cities in Los Angeles County to review a petition challenging the 2012 Los Angeles Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit (MS 4). Cities that are concerned about their MS 4 permit and how this petition would affect them must comment by noon on Jan. 21.


U.S. Communities Offers Pharmaceutical, Medical Equipment and Supplies

Informational Webinars Offered on Jan. 20 and 23

The League of California Cities is excited to announce pharmaceutical, medical equipment and supplies products are now available through the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. Participating in this program can help drive savings and efficiencies with access to competitively bid national pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply contracts that cover over 100,000 products.

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