July 3, 2012
Issue #72

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League-Opposed Hot Bill AB 904 Held in Committee, Expected to Fail Deadline

Today, League-opposed hot bill AB 904 (Skinner), which would have prescribed a one-size-fits-all parking standard for most infill projects on a statewide basis, was pulled from the Senate Governance and Finance Committee by the author when it appeared that the bill lacked the votes.

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Sidewalk Bill Moves; Bus Weight Bill Significantly Amended

AB 2231 (Fuentes) and AB 1706 (Eng) were heard in the Senate today.  

Key words: Legislation, Hot Bills, Transportation, Public Works


Register Now for the League’s End of Session Major Bills Briefing Webinar on July 10

Free for League Members and Partners

The League’s Legislation team will host a free webinar on the major bills that cities need to advocate for and against in the four final weeks of the 2011-12 legislative session. With the legislative session ending in August, this briefing is intended to help city officials remain focused on protecting local authority and voice their support and opposition on key bills. Staff will also provide a summary of significant actions in the state budget.

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