Sept. 30, 2014

Issue #91

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Governor Vetoes Burdensome Collective Bargaining Measure; Authorizes IFD’s and Looks to Next Year for Partnership on Redevelopment Alternative

The waning hours until Gov. Jerry Brown’s bill-signing deadline at midnight Tuesday brought a flurry of decisions significant to cities. As of this afternoon, the Governor issued his final action on the 33 League priority bills that made it to his desk this legislative session.

Hot Bills, Legislation, Economic Development, Redevelopment, Infrastructure Financing Districts

Single Use Plastic Bags Now Banned Statewide for Certain Retailers

Local Bag Ordinances Grandfathered into State Law

Gov. Jerry Brown today, with less than 24 hours left to take action on bills, signed the nation’s first single use carryout plastic bag ban. SB 270 (Padilla) will take plastic bags out of grocery stores and pharmacies by July 2015 and from convenience and liquor stores by July 2016. Retailers under this bill will have to charge 10 cents or more for recycled paper bags.

Environmental Quality, Legislation
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