Sept. 11, 2014

Issue #81

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Governor Brown Appoints Arcata Mayor Mark Wheetley to Seismic Safety Commission

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday afternoon announced the appointment of Arcata Mayor Mark Wheetley to the Seismic Safety Commission. Mayor Wheetley, who also serves on the League board of directors, will serve a four year term. He is now holds one of the city/county positions on the commission.

Board, Redwood Empire

2014 City Clerks New Law & Elections Seminar Registration Now Open!

Registration is officially open for the 2014 City Clerks New Law & Elections Seminar, Dec. 3-5 in Monterey.

Meetings and Events, City Clerks

Participate in Manage Your Money Week to Promote the Importance of Good Financial Management

The State Controller's Financial Literacy Advisory Committee is looking for partners to promote and participate in Manage Your Money Week (MYMW), Oct. 18-25. The committee is charged with developing strategies to improve financial literacy and is composed of leaders in financial education and asset building in the private and non-profit sector.

Municipal Finance

Homelessness in America: The Way to Zero Goes Through Cities

By Elisha Harig-Blaine, Principal Housing Associate (Veterans & Special Needs), National League of Cities
Dramatic progress in the effort to end homelessness can be seen across the nation thanks to bold leadership, unprecedented community collaboration and historic levels of federal resources. These elements are being paired with data-driven strategies that have resulted in a decline for one sub-population that we can all celebrate. Since 2010, Veteran homelessness has declined by 24 percent, paving the way for progress in other sub-groups of the homeless population.

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