May 16, 2014

Issue #40

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New Amendments to League Co-Sponsored Medical Marijuana Bill Would Create a Local-Only Regulatory Scheme

SB 1262 (Correa), the League co-sponsored medical marijuana legislation, is set to be amended in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday. 

Hot Bills, Legislation, Senate, Marijuana Regulation, Public Safety

City Officials and Fire Chiefs Urged to Voice Opposition to Solar Permit Bill Immediately

AB 2188 Will Be Heard in Assembly Appropriations Committee on May 21

The League is gearing up for the Assembly Appropriations Committee next Wednesday where AB 2188 (Muratsuchi) will be heard. Opposed by the League, this measure would, among other things, require cities and counties to adopt a new, costly ordinance that would essentially create a separate and unequal permitting and inspection process specifically for residential solar installations of less than 10 kilowatts. The organization has a long history of supporting the expansion of access to renewable energy resources, including residential solar, however AB 2188’s mandated rigid solar permit and inspection is not the right approach.

Action Item, Hot Bills, Legislation, Assembly, Environmental Quality, Solar

May 23 Deadline to Submit City Managers’ Department Meeting Session Proposals Fast Approaching

The League is continuing its search for speakers and session topics for the 2015 City Managers Department Meeting, to be held Jan. 28-30 in San Francisco. Friday, May 23 is the deadline to submit session proposals.

City Managers, Meetings and Events

California City Solutions: Campbell Partners to Transform Blighted Water District Parcel into Affordable Housing

The small city of Campbell has a population of nearly 41,000 and is mostly built out, leaving few areas available for new housing developments. This creates many challenges for the city when providing its fair share of state required affordable housing. With a limited availability of new space to build, the city must look at repurposing existing land sites, which can increase costs and complicate the production of affordable housing. This challenge inspired the city to partner with multiple entities to transform an existing area of town to create a beautiful new community that includes affordable housing.

CA City Solutions, Affordable Housing, Economic Development
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