November 15, 2013

Issue #116

Editor's Note

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City Assistance Requested to Ensure Compliance of Human Trafficking Public Notice Law Request

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) recently sent a letter to League of California Cities President José Cisneros requesting city help in ensuring public and private entities post notices pursuant to existing human trafficking law SB 1193 (Steinberg). The letter expressed his understanding of how cities can play an important role of increasing awareness of this alarming issue and existing law compliance.

Action Item, Administrative Services

City Spotlight: California Cities’ Innovation Ignites New Ways of Thinking

California and its 482 incorporated cities are by far the most diverse in the country. Such diversity necessitates and fosters new ways of thinking to address unprecedented challenges and developments. From technological breakthroughs to agricultural advancements, California cities are on the leading edge of nearly every industry. When it comes to policy and governing, once again, California local governments are out front leading the way to new ideas that better serve uniquely different communities.

Transportation, Technology

Local Coastal Program Assistance Grant Deadline Nov. 22

The California Coastal Commission announces the availability of grants to support local governments responsible for local coastal planning to develop new and update existing Local Coast Plans (LCP). Special consideration will be given for policies and ordinances addressing impacts from climate change and sea-level rise. A total of $1 million is available for FY 2013–14 for coastal cities and counties that are eligible.

Climate Change
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