October 15, 2013

Issue #111

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League-Opposed Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations Bill Vetoed

Milestone Reached as Gov. Brown Acts on Remaining 2013 Legislation

This past Sunday marked the Governor’s signing deadline for all 2013 legislation. Upon issuing his last legislative update, the Governor signed a total of 1,003 measures and vetoed 96. Since taking the helm as the state’s top governing official for the third time in January 2011, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed approximately 2,714 measures out of the 3,011 sent to his desk, or about 90 percent. As for vetoes, the Governor has only rejected some 297 bills, or almost 10 percent. Such liberal use of his signing pen this and previous years is of note as it may signal what one should expect during the final half of the 2013–14 biennial session. 
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U.S. Supreme Court Rules California Must Reduce Prison Population by 10,000 by Jan. 27, 2014

The state of California was dealt a blow today when the U.S. Supreme Court denied Gov. Jerry Brown’s appeal that requested an additional two years to fulfill the Court’s order to reduce prison to 137.5 percent of capacity by Jan. 27, 2014. A previous court order extended the deadline from Dec. 31, 2013 by 27 days. The state has since 2006 reduced its prison population by 42,000. More than half (25,000) of that reduction has occurred following the enactment of AB 109 in 2011. To meet the court order the state must lower that population by an additional 10,000.

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Governor Vetoes Bill to Collect Taxes on Prepaid Mobile Services

Last week Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed AB 300 (Perea), a bill that would have established a collection method for state and local taxes and fees levied on consumers of prepaid mobile telephone services. Without AB 300, there is no standard or reliable process for cities to collect utility users taxes on prepaid mobile services. While the League didn’t take an officials position on the bill this year, legislative representatives were active in session negotiations to act as a conduit for all California cities and ensure the final product contains workable policies.

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