October 4, 2013

Issue #107

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Gov. Brown Signs League-Sponsored Redevelopment Signage Measure & Other League-Supported Bills

Governor's Decision Contrary to League Recommendation on Two Other Measures

Several League priority measures remain pending before Gov. Jerry Brown as the Oct. 13 inches closer.
The Governor signed five League-supported measures including League-sponsored bill SB 684 (Hill). Contrary to League recommendations, Gov. Brown vetoed one supported measure, AB 841 (Torres), and signed League-opposed AB 792 (Mullin). 

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Annual Conference Resolutions Process Wrap-Up

Two Resolutions Approved in 2013

The League today issued the 2013 Annual Conference Resolution Report on the League’s website. The membership voted on and passed two resolutions at the Business Meeting held on Sept. 20 during the 2013 Annual Conference in Sacramento.

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