May 31, 2013

Issue #58

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Hundreds of Bills Cross Houses as Senate and Assembly Take Action This Week

Several Bills of Interest Fail to Pass

It was a busy week in Sacramento with both houses holding floor sessions in a furious effort to meet today’s house of origin deadline.


Dan Harrison Retires from the League after Serving California Cities for 40 Years

Today the League and California’s cities commended Dan Harrison, the organization’s director of Administrative Services, for a remarkable 40-year career.


Enterprise Zone Helps South Gate Dairy Keep “Moo-ing” Forward

The city of South Gate thrives in part because of the city's sucessful Enterprise Zone.

Economic Development, Enterprise Zones, Strong Cities Strong State

One Down, Two to Go: Update on Anti-Economic Development Bills

SB 673 Fails Passage on Senate Floor

The League, cities and the business community scored a victory this week in stopping SB 673 (DeSaulnier) on the Senate Floor.

Economic Development, Legislation

Budget Conference Committee Members Announced

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) and Speaker of the Assembly John Pérez (D-Los Angeles) have each appointed four members to this year’s Joint Committee on the Budget.

Revenue & Taxation, State Budget

League Membership Approves Bylaws Change in Vote Threshold for Taking Positions on Statewide Ballot Measures

The League board of directors at its April meeting certified the results of the mail ballot approving a bylaws amendment to require a two-thirds vote of those directors present in order for the board to take a position on a statewide ballot measure.

Board, League Policy

Riverside Council Member Michael Gardner Appointed to Seismic Safety Commission

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday announced the appointment of Riverside Council Member Michael Gardner to the Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission, where he has served since 2010.

Police Chiefs, City Managers, Public Safety

Former Folsom Police Chief Sam Spiegel Appointed to 9-1-1 Advisory Board

Gov. Jerry Brown announced the appointment of Sam Spiegel to the State 9-1-1 Advisory Board, where he has served since 2005.

Mayors & Council Members

Policy Brief on the California Latino Vote Released This Week

The UC Davis Center for Regional Change’s California Civic Engagement Project has released the next in a series of policy briefs.


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