March 13, 2013
Issue #30

Editor's Note

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Senate Industrial Relations Committee Passes Controversial SB 7

Opposition Letters Needed Immediately

The Senate Industrial Relations Committee passed SB 7 (Steinberg) this morning, sending it to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill would prohibit a charter city from receiving or using state funding or financial assistance for a construction project if the city has a charter provision or ordinance that authorizes a contractor to not comply with prevailing wage provisions on any public works contract.

Key words: Action Item, Charter Cities, Public Works, Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance, Legislation


League-Supported Infrastructure Finance District Bill, SB 33 Passes Committee

SB 1 Sustainable Communities Investment Authority Also Moves Forward

Today, the Senate Governance and Finance Committee heard several bills, including two economic development bills the League has been carefully tracking, SB 33 (Wolk) and SB 1 (Steinberg). Both bills were passed out of the committee. SB 33 will next be sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee, while SB 1 will next be sent to the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.

Key words: Action Item, Economic Development, Infrastructure Financing District, Legislation


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