Sept. 6, 2017
Issue #66

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Senate and Assembly Committees Decide on Fiscal Measures; Prepare for Final Floor Votes

Legislators are set to vote on hundreds of measures in these final two weeks of the 2017 Legislative Session. Last Friday, the members of the Appropriations Committees of both houses decided the fate of measures that require significant funding or appropriations. They approved many measures including some with amendments and now move to the Senate and Assembly floors, and listed below as “Pass.” Others were “Held” on suspense, meaning they are tabled and ineligible for further action this session.

Senate, Assembly, Legislation, Hot Bills

Session Snapshots and CitiPAC Reception Update for the 2017 Annual Conference

This year, the League of California Cities® Annual Conference & Expo will feature over 55 educational sessions. The topics explored at the conference cover current issues important to the changing needs of local officials. The League’s Annual Conference webpage has information on speakers, sessions and more. Here is a sample of a couple of sessions and a special event that will be offered.

Meetings and Events, Public Safety

FAQ Available on the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account and SB 1

The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB1 Beall) provides for allocations of various funds to state and local agencies for transportation purposes. Among those funds are formula based allocations from the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account (RMRA). In order to receive RMRA funds, cities and counties must meet a “maintenance of effort” (MOE) requirement to ensure that these new roads funds do not supplant existing levels of general revenue spending on streets and roads. has prepared a FAQ on SB1’s Transportation Funding Maintenance of Effort.

Transportation, Municipal Finance, Revenue and Taxation

Water Conservation and Efficiency Discussions Continue

California is pulling out of a historic drought that drastically changed how people use water. Beginning with Gov. Jerry Brown’s declaration of a State of Emergency in January 2014, and escalating to declaring the first mandatory water reductions in 2015, California saw a shift towards conserving water on a level not previously seen. The state saw success in reducing its overall water consumption by 25 percent from 2013 levels. With this groundswell of conservation momentum, the Governor released his plan, Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life. This plan, along with a number of water conservation bills, will shape the future of California’s water conservation and use landscape.

Environmental Quality, Water

Cap-and-Trade Expenditure Plan Released

In July, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed legislation to extend the Cap-and-Trade market mechanism through 2030. With this step complete, leaders have now begun conversations about how to spend the revenues. Both the Senate and Assembly budget subcommittees held hearings introducing the discussion of how to expect Cap-and-Trade revenues and hear public testimony. The League testified at both hearings to express our priorities for funding.

Environmental Quality, Cap-and-Trade, Legislation

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