Aug. 25, 2017
Issue #63

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Bills in Committee Aug. 28 – Sept. 1

Legislators have been back since Aug. 21, which means just three weeks remain before the Legislature adjourns on Sept. 15. Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders are continuing to work on a housing package while the Legislature wraps up bills in Senate and Assembly Appropriations committees for another week. The Legislature will also take up funding for parks and water projects.

Legislation, Hot Bills, Assembly, Senate

End of Session Signature/Veto Requests Webinar Scheduled for Sept. 21

Following the conclusion of the 2017-18 legislative session, the League’s legislative team will host a webinar on Sept. 21 to review top priority bills that cities will need to advocate Gov. Jerry Brown on as he reviews legislation. The legislative session ends on Sept. 15, so this will be the final opportunity for city officials to voice their support or opposition to the Governor on key bills. 

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League-Sponsored Bond Agency Issues $12.25 Million in Tax-Exempt Bonds for Affordable Housing in Vacaville

Some of the most significant benefits of League membership for cities since 1988 have flowed from the League’s co-sponsorship of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA).

Financial Solutions for CA Cities

Understanding “Bowenwork” When Regulating Massage

Over the past several years, significant changes have occurred in massage regulation and local officials have faced challenges keeping up with the laws and understanding the various massage-related disciplines. BowenUSA, a small bodywork association representing Bowenwork practitioners, recently approached the League of California Cities® to provide background information for local officials on “Bowenwork” and explain why they believe that their businesses should be regulated differently than massage practitioners by cities and counties.

Massage Regulation

Guest Piece: Vetting the Public Finance Team, Has Your Municipal Advisor Passed the Test?

When managing their personal finances, many people turn to financial advisors to help them make informed decisions about complex financial products and investment options. For state and local government officials responsible for managing the public’s finances, specialized financial advisors called municipal advisors may be hired to provide advice regarding the issuance of municipal bonds or use of municipal financial products.

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