Dec. 21, 2012
Issue #125

Editor's Note

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Congress Adjourns for Christmas Without Plan to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

The House adjourned for Christmas on Thursday evening after it became clear that Speaker John Boehner (R – Ohio) did not have the support of his caucus for the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.  The Senate is expected to do the same today.  At this point, cities should assume that all options are on the table and continue sending information on how their cities benefit from tax-free municipal bond and discretionary programs such as CDBG, HOME, and COPS/JAG.

Key Words: Federal, Revenue and Taxation


Don’t Miss Deadline to Register for the 2013 City Managers’ Meeting

The registration and housing deadline for the League’s 2013 City Managers’ Department meeting in San Francisco is Jan. 8, 2012. The meeting is being held Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2013.

Key Words: City Managers, Meetings and Events


Foam Curbside Recycling Programs in California Communities

Did you know that over 65 California communities can recycle foam in their curbside recycling bins? Foam, which is often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including food containers, coffee cups, packaging material, and egg cartons. For more information and a list of foam recycling locations please visit Go Foam’s website.

Key Words: Environmental Quality, Community Services


CALED Awards of Excellence Call for Nominations

The California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) Awards of Excellence program brings statewide public and professional recognition to those projects and programs developed during the previous year that have made significant contributions to the field of economic development.

Key Words: League Partners, Economic Development


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