June 1, 2017
Issue #43

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Senate Bill 540, Legislation by Sen. Roth to Increase Housing Production, Overwhelmingly Passes Out of Senate

Bill is part of the League of California Cities’ “Blueprint for More Housing” Legislative Package

Today on a bipartisan vote of 33-7, the Senate passed SB 540 by Sen. Richard D. Roth (D-Riverside). SB 540 will streamline the housing approval process and lead to more housing production, particularly in areas near jobs and transit. 
Economic Development, Affordable Housing, Housing, Legislation, Hot Bills, Senate

Sen. Glazer Casts Lone “No” Vote on Wireless Industry Bill Limiting Local Authority and Revenue

SB 649 Protects Corporate Bottom Lines at Expense of Community Standards and Revenue; Local Governments Don’t Need this Kind of “Help”

Last night the discussion on the Senate Floor was all about local government and what was being done to help them on SB 649 (Hueso). This bill, sponsored by the wireless industry, restricts the ability of local agencies to control access to their public right-of-ways and caps the ability of local agencies to collect rent related to small cell siting on that public infrastructure. Despite the measure being opposed by over 125 cities, counties and various organizations, and aside from several questions and congratulatory statements, not a single member spoke in opposition to the legislation. City officials should view the discussion themselves.

Legislation, Hot Bills, Senate, Technology, Telecommunications
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