March 3, 2017
Issue #15

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California Supreme Court Finds City Employee Communications on Personal Electronic Devices and Accounts May be Subject to Disclosure under California Public Records Act where Communications Pertain to Public Business

Court Further Clarifies that Cities May Reasonably Rely on City Employees to Search Personal Accounts and Devices for Communications Regarding Public Business

The California Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision Thursday, March 2 in City of San Jose v. Superior Court (Smith), holding that city employee communications pertaining to public business may be subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) even if stored on a personal electronic device or in a personal account inaccessible by the city.

Administrative Services, Legal Updates

Affordable Housing Funding Bills Passes out of Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

Measures Move to the Senate Governance and Finance Committee

The Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on Feb. 28 approved two major pieces of the “California Rebuild” package — Sen. Toni Atkins’ (D-San Diego) SB 2 and Sen. Jim Beall’s (D-San Jose) SB 3. The League supports both measures because they help begin to create a fund for much needed affordable housing in California.

Legislation, Housing, Land Use

Bills in Committee and Legislative Hearings of Interest March 6 – 15

The legislative committee hearings are beginning to ramp up now that the Feb. 17 bill introduction deadline has past. Expect to see the schedule become busier in March and April.

Legislation, Meetings and Events, Legilative Hearings

League-Sponsored Bond Agency Issues $12 Million in Tax-Exempt Bonds for Affordable Housing in Bell

Some of the most significant benefits of League membership for cities since 1988 have flowed from the League’s co-sponsorship of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA).

Financial Solutions for California Cities

Submit Session Ideas for the 2017 Municipal Finance Institute

Submissions due by April 12

The League of California Cities® is now accepting session ideas for the 2017 Municipal Finance Institute which will be held Dec. 13 – 14 in Newport Beach. This two-day event is geared towards finance officers, city treasurers, city managers and all city staff who assist these professionals in their stewardship of public resources and focuses on current issues and timely topics that will assist officials in their daily roles and operations within their city.

Fiscal Officers, Meetings and Events, Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance

California Financing Coordinating Committee Offers Free 2017 Infrastructure Funding Fairs Statewide

The California Financing Coordinating Committee (CFCC) will be hosting several free funding fairs throughout the state between April and September.

Infrastructure, Meetings and Events

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