Aug. 16, 2016
Issue #67

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Drone Industry Launches End-of-Session Attempt at Pre-Emption

League and Police Chiefs Oppose Moratorium Stalling Tactic

Despite the Legislature’s rejection earlier this year of amendments that would have pre-empted local drone regulation, and the recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ruling supporting local authority, drone industry lobbyists continue to walk the Capitol halls pushing a new pre-emption proposal in the final weeks of the legislative session. This is not really a surprise after a year of such skirmishes.

Hot Bills, Legislation, Public Safety, Drones

AB 2220 (Cooper) Sent to Governor with Strong BiPartisan Vote

Bill Expands Options for Cities with 100,000 Residents-Plus Considering District-Based Elections

Gov. Jerry Brown now has legislation on his desk, AB 2220 (Cooper), to allow cities with a population of over 100,000 the flexibility to switch to district-based elections by ordinance. This is the same authority that cities under 100,000 already have thanks to last year’s SB 493 (Canella). AB 2220 passed the Senate Monday afternoon with a bipartisan vote of 32-4.

Legislation, Elections

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