Aug. 9, 2016
Issue #65

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Legislation Threatens Joint Powers Authorities’ Local Control

Vote Pending on AB 1217; Call Your Senator Today to Oppose

A bill to codify a rule already enacted by the Orange County Fire Authority to the effect that members of that specific entity cannot appoint alternates, would set a troubling precedent of state interference in the governance of joint power authorities (JPAs) in general. AB 1217 (Daly) represents state micromanagement of a local agency which under existing JPA law has been set up to be self-governing. It also begs the question of why a state law is necessary to implement a change that a JPA has already made on its own.

Administrative Services, Public Safety, Legislation

Legislation Removes Roadblock to Allow CDBG Funds to Flow for Small, Non-Entitlement Cities and Counties

New amendments to AB 723 (Chiu) will make helpful changes to rules governing the allocation of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to small, “non-entitlement” cities and counties, which receive federal CDBG dollars via the state Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) rather than directly from the federal government. The amendments, adopted in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Aug. 3, delete a requirement that a recipient jurisdiction spend at least 50 percent of previously awarded funds before receiving another reward.

Housing, Legislation, Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance
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