July 29, 2016
Issue #60

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Legislators Return for Final Month of Session

League Focused on Housing, Transportation and Employee Relations; On Watch for Amendments

Things promise to heat up in Sacramento when the Assembly and Senate resume for their final weeks of the 2015-16 legislative session. Legislators must finish all business by midnight on Aug. 31. Gov. Jerry Brown then has 30 days to take action on legislation. The League has spent the legislative recess preparing for the hard work that must be accomplished on behalf of cities in the culmination of the session. Cities are urged to remain on alert for breaking news from the League and be ready to act.

Legislation, Action Items, Hot Bills, Assembly, Senate, Employee Relations, Transportation, Housing

Cities Face Disruptive and Costly Employee Orientation Proposal

There is a union push for employee outreach and retention in in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-4, decision in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association. This case challenged the collection of “fair share” union fees from nonunion employees.

Employee Relations, Hot Bills, Legislation

League-Sponsored Bond Agency Issues $16 Million in Tax-Exempt Bonds for Art College in San Francisco

Some of the most significant benefits of League membership for cities since 1988 have flowed from the League’s co-sponsorship of the California Statewide Communities Development Authority (CSCDA).

Financial Solutions for CA Cities

California City Solutions: Thousand Oaks Develops Successful Youth Internship Program

This story is part of an ongoing series featuring Helen Putnam Award entries. The 2015 entries are available on the League’s website as a resource for cities in a searchable database called California City Solutions. Thousand Oaks C.I.T.Y. was submitted in 2015 for the Community Services and Economic Development award category.

CA City Solutions, Helen Putnam

Mayors and Council Members Department Now Taking Applications to Serve on Executive Committee

Apply by Monday, Aug. 8

The Mayors and Council Members Department of the League of California Cities® is now seeking applicants for the department Executive Committee and for state League director.

Mayors and Council Members, Action Item

Take A Selfie with Your City Hall Aug. 15

The Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) membership organization is launching the first annual National #CityHallSelfie Day, taking place on Monday, Aug. 15. The goal is to break the record for city hall selfies taken in one day. Although the organization does not have the official record of selfies they estimate the number to be around nine.

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