June 15, 2016
Issue #48

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Legislature Adopts First Installment of 2016-17 Budget Package

More Trailer Bills To Be Taken Up Tomorrow; By Right Discussion on August Timeline

Similar to last year, the Legislature today adopted a partial FY 2016-17 budget package by passing the main budget bill (SB 826) and just five of 17 trailer bills. The remainder of the trailer bills will be taken up in the coming days, but the “by right” proposal is not expected to be one of them. Today’s action allows the Legislature to technically meet the Constitutional budget deadline of June 15 while maintaining their informal policy to have all budget language available to the public for a minimum of 72 hours before a vote. Gov. Jerry Brown has until July 1 to act on the budget and trailer bills.

At $122.5 billion, the budget adopted today is the largest in California’s 166-year history. While Republicans opposed the budget bill in chief, arguing that it is too big and that the state is not prepared for the next downturn, the debate was good-natured and trailer bills were passed with bipartisan support.

Legislation, Revenue and Taxation, State Budget

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