May 16, 2016
Issue #39

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It’s Infrastructure Week throughout the U.S.

Transportation Rally Scheduled for May 19 on South Steps of State Capitol

The League of California Cities® is participating in Infrastructure Week, May 16-23 to help give greater attention to the fact that infrastructure is a critical issue that impacts all Americans. Now in its fourth year, the week comprises a series of events as well as media coverage, education and advocacy.

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How to Reverse the Nation’s Declining Infrastructure Crisis

New NLC Report Highlights How Local Infrastructure Should Be Paid for in a New Era of Federalism

The National League of Cities (NLC) announced on May 16 the release of a new report on the ability of cities to address the nation’s growing infrastructure challenges. Despite the fact that infrastructure is a critical part of daily life for all Americans, the U.S. infrastructure deficit continue to grow daily. Traditional means of paying for infrastructure no longer cover the costs of building, operating and maintaining road, transit and water/wastewater systems. Uncertain federal and state funding has placed responsibility squarely on local governments to take up this challenge, however the ability of cities to do so is bound by levers authorized to them by their states.

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Bills in Committee: May 16-20

Friday brought the release of the highly-anticipated May Budget Revision with Gov. Jerry Brown holding a press conference in the morning to outline his revised budget proposal for FY 2016-17. The action now moves to the Legislature as hearings commence and negotiations occur.

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A Preview of Local Tax and Bond Measures in California June 7
Along with one statewide measure (Proposition 50), the Presidential Primary election in California on June 7 will decide some 165 local measures. Among these, 90 measures affect local taxes, including 57 bond authorizations with supporting tax increases, and one referendum to repeal a tax. Local schools are requesting a total of $6.1817 billion in school construction bond authorizations. The California Local Government Finance Almanac has a full preview available online.

Elections, Reveue and Taxation, Municipal Finance

Updated Highway Users Tax Revenue Estimates
Gov. Jerry Brown’s May Budget Revision included slightly higher fuel tax revenue estimates for current year FY 2015-16 and Budget year FY 2016-17. The California Local Governance Finance Almanac has updated estimates for individual cities/counties online.

Elections, Reveue and Taxation, State Budget, Municipal Finance

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