April 8, 2016
Issue #28

Editor's Note

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New Summary of Existing Policy and Guiding Principles Now Available

The 2016 Summary of Existing Policy and Guiding Principles is available on the League’s website. A hard copy of this document will be emailed out to all city managers and city clerks.

League Policy, Legislation

California City Solutions: Manhattan Beach’s Seniors and Teens Pair Up in Free Programs to Boost the Community

This story is part of an ongoing series featuring Helen Putnam Award entries. The 2015 entries are available on the League’s website as a resource for cities in a searchable database called California City Solutions. The city of Manhattan Beach’s CCS Partnership Intergovernmental Collaboration Award was submitted in 2015 for the We’re Better Together: An Intergenerational program in Manhattan Beach award category.
CA City Solutions, Helen Putnam, Community Services, Health and Wellness
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