Sept. 13, 2012
Issue #99

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SB 214 (Wolk) Is Most Useful Tool on Governor’s Desk for Infrastructure Development

Gov. Jerry Brown will soon be making decisions on three bills on his desk that offer local agencies options to develop infrastructure and promote economic development in the wake of the loss of redevelopment. The measures are SB 214 (Wolk), AB 2144 (Pérez) and SB 1156 (Steinberg). Given their complexity, city officials have found it challenging to sort through these measures to understand what opportunities they may present, so here is an explanation from the League's perspective

Key words: Action Item, Economic Development, Redevelopment, Infrastructure Financing Districts, Legislation


2012 Annual Conference Wrap-Up

This year’s Annual Conference & Expo was held in San Diego on Sept. 5 – 7. Sessions covered a wide variety of topics. As expected, some of the “hot topic” sessions focused on pensions and pension reform, economic development and post-redevelopment tools, municipal finances and bankruptcy, and social media.

Key words: Economic Development, Redevelopment, Infrastructure Financing Districts, Employee Relations, Pension Reform, Revenue and Taxation, Municipal Finance, Meetings and Events, Social Media


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