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League of California Cities Statewide Travel & Fuel Card Program

In partnership with CSAC, CSDA, and the State of California, the League of California Cities is proud to offer the enhanced Statewide Travel Program & Voyager Fuel Card with the most economical rates available for travel-related services such as airfare, car rentals, travel agency services, hotels, and fuel cards. 

The newly enhanced program features the following for official city travel:
  • Access to all State fares and discounts previously available only to State agencies
  • Payment system with no annual fees, interest charges or late fees
  • Negotiated discount contract rates for travel agency services, with access to a one-stop shop online booking tool that provides cost savings, data consolidation and enforceable travel policy
    • Concur lets you identify Green Lodging hotels, so if your city promotes green initiatives this is a good tool to lessen the impact of travel on the environment
  • Contracts and discount rates with Southwest Airlines, Virgin America, JetBlue, Delta, Alaskan/Horizon, and United Airlines for in-state, out-of-state and international routes
    • New for Southwest Airlines: 6% off all 'Anytime' fares and 3% off all 'Wanna Get Away' fares
    • New for Delta Airlines: 8% discount on fully refundable international fares and 2% discount on non-refundable international fares
  • Discount contract rates for short- and long-term car rentals through Enterprise that include $250,000 third party liability insurance coverage, free one-way rentals, market fuel rates, and counter bypass service
  • Voyager Fleet Card Program for fuel services  
A complete list of all contracts and information may be seen on the Department of General Services Statewide Travel Program Web page:

Step 1: Contact Kelly May or Jennifer Shaw, Statewide Travel Program Liaisons. All necessary paperwork, applications and forms listed below will be provided by the Statewide Travel Program Liaisons.  They will also assist you in the set-up process, provide instructions and answer your questions regarding participation in the program. Contact Kelly May at (916) 376-3991; or Jennifer Shaw at (916) 376-3977;     

Step 2: Apply for an American Express Business Travel Account (BTA).  American Express is the current required payment system for access to the State discounted rates and contracts. The BTA payment system is a unique cardless account designed especially for this program. Shawn Campbell, Account Manager with American Express, can assist you with any questions during the application process. Contact Shawn Campbell by e-mail at

Step 3: Establish an account with CalTravelStore, the state-authorized Travel Management Service (TMS) provider.  In addition to 10 onsite travel agents that assist by phone, CalTravelStore also provides Concur, a one-stop online booking tool where travelers can book their air, car, and hotel all in one location and obtain access to the contracted State rates.

Step 4: Work with CalTravelStore to establish your Concur Online Booking tool site. Provide BTA account information, accounting code data and travel policy requirements.   

Step 5:  To obtain more information or sign up for the Voyager Fuel Program contact Mark Hess at (612) 436-6544 or at This program provides fuel cards that are assigned to your fleet of vehicles, or can be supplemental for leased vehicles through our long-term car rental contract.  The Voyager card is accepted at over 10,000 retail locations including BP, Chevron, Exxon, Texaco, Shell and Union 76. State taxes will be removed from the charges prior to billing. This program can also be extended and used for emergency repairs. 

It is the city’s responsibility to pay its BTA in full each month in a timely manner. If there are reconciliation issues, it is the responsibility of the city to assemble the details and make adjustments with American Express and/or CalTravelStore. These issues should be identified, communicated, and adjusted as soon as they are discovered.

You will have access to two different reporting systems to assist you with reconciliation of your account: American Express @Work and the iBank reporting system.  Enrollment in iBank is automatic when you create your account with CalTravelStore. Enrollment in American Express @Work will be completed with your American Express BTA application.

Why is this program beneficial to our city?
In these challenging economic times, government entities are taking a hard look at managing their business travel and reducing travel spending. The State of California, DGS, Statewide Travel Program offers efficient and cost-effective travel management services to government entities and provides the most economical rates and fares available through the use of State negotiated contracts for airlines, car rentals, travel management services, and travel payment system.  By leveraging the State's total travel spending, the Statewide Travel Program gains the advantage of the best pricing model available.

Additionally the Statewide Travel Program helps cities meet their "Duty of Care" responsibilities by providing the means to locate travelers within minutes in case of emergencies.

For cities that operate a fleet of vehicles, the Voyager program will aid in reducing costs associated with fuel as well as provide additional savings.

Why use CalTravelStore and the American Express Payment System for travel arrangements?
CalTravelStore is the only authorized Travel Management Service (TMS) provider with access to the negotiated contract rates for the State of California's Statewide Travel Program.  The American Express payment system is the required form of payment. Effective 7/1/10, airlines extended the discounted fares to cities with the following provisions:
  1. Local government business travelers must use the authorized TMS provider, CalTravelStore, or the Concur online booking tool.
  2. Local government business travelers must use the authorized form of payment, the American Express BTA. 
These two requirements prevent fraud and misuse of the program.

Are there fees associated with this program?
The American Express Payment system is fee free. There are no annual fees, interest charges or late fees assessed to the participant. There is no fee charged by the CSDA, the League or CSAC. There is a negotiated discount transaction fee for travel agency services. The transaction fees are $7 for an online booking and $12 for an agenty-assisted booking.

Are the airfares one-way or round trip?
The fares are listed as one-way fares. They are available with last-seat availability and are fully refundable.
How does the billing work? Will AMEX bill monthly for the BTA?
American Express will accrue the charges and create a billing statement on or near the 25th of each month. The statement should be received close to the first of the following month or can be accessed online at any time. The entire bill is due and payable by the 25th of the new month (within 30 days of the statement date). The bill contains at a minimum the traveler’s name, ticket number and dollar amount. There may be more information, depending upon the vendor. Should you need additional traveler information, the iBank system provides over 120 reporting capabilities. Your bill is to be paid in full each month.

The League of California Cities is pleased to offer this program as an added service to our members as a way of saving limited local dollars through a cost-effective travel alternative.  If you have additional questions about the program, please contact Kimberly Brady at (916) 658-8223.  You can also contact the Statewide Travel Program Liaisons Kelly May at (916) 376-3991 or Jennifer Shaw at (916) 376-3977. 
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