Cities for Workforce Health Program Grant Application


The goal of the Cities for Workforce Health awards program is to provide consultation and funding to California cities that are in the beginning or developmental phase of their workforce health program. The consultation provided through this program will assist cities in developing or strengthening the infrastructure and foundation required for a successful workforce health program, based on evidenced-based practices.


The five cities selected for program grants through the Cities for Workforce Health Program will receive one-on-one consultation from workforce health consultants with Kaiser Permanente and Keenan as well as a $5,000 credit to use towards Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks programs and products.
Details on the Consultation:
  • Consultation will be provided by  Kaiser and Keenan workforce health consultants
  • Consultation will begin in January 2015
  • Consultation will take place over one full year
  • Up to a total of 30 hours of consultation will be provided
  • The initial meeting will take place in person and subsequent meetings will take place via conference call or webex. (If a selected city does not reside in Kaiser Permanente’s service area, then the entire consultation may take place via conference call or webex.)
Details on the $5,000 Credit:
  • The $5,000 credit can be used towards the following products/programs through Kaiser Permanente HealthWorks:
    • Onsite biometric screenings, health education classes and flu shots
    • Online Total Health Assessment and Healthy Lifestyle Programs
    • Thrive Across America – online physical activity program
    • Communication materials for the above programs
  • The five selected cities must consult with their HealthWorks Consultant on how the $5,000 can be spent.
  • The $5,000 credit may not cover the entire cost of a product/program, depending on the size of the employee population. Additional funds may need to be provided by the city if the desired product/program costs more than $5,000 for your employee population.
The five selected cities must agree to the following:
  • Meet with workforce health consultant on a quarterly basis to reflect on what changes have been made throughout the year and summarize how the credits were used
  • Meet with the HEAL Cities Campaign to learn how to adopt a HEAL City policy resolution (if not already a HEAL City)
Meet with workforce health consultant at beginning of year to develop a plan for engaging with the consultant and set desired outcomes.

To apply for program grants through the Cities for Workforce Health Program, a city must meet the following eligibility criteria:
  •  Must have designated a lead staff person for the city’s workforce health efforts 

A Program Grant Selection Committee composed of representatives from the Cities for Workforce Health partners will review and evaluate all applications and select five cities to receive the consultation and $5,000 credits, based on the following criteria:
  • Readiness to initiate or further enhance a workforce health program
  • Commitment to building the program’s infrastructure and capacity
  • Need for professional consultation to assist with program development efforts
We are looking for cities that demonstrate the readiness and commitment to develop or enhance their workforce health program. Although some of the questions in the application ask you about various components of a workforce health program, it is not required that your city have all of these components in order to be considered for selection.
In addition, the committee will attempt to balance the selection of awardees based on geographic location (northern, central, and southern California) and size of employee population.

Deadline to apply is Thursday, August 7th.


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