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May. 24, 2016


Vicki Veenker, Candidate for Assembly District 24, Responds to Questions about Local Government Priorities and Higher Office

City-State Relationship, Transportation Funding, Affordable Housing, Water Conservation Focus of Questions

Sacramento, CA Vicki Veenker, candidate for Assembly District 24, has submitted her responses to the League of California Cities® 2016 Legislative Candidate Questionnaire, which asked candidates to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing California cities. The four-question survey was sent to the over 250 candidates for Senate and Assembly.
While the League does not endorse candidates, League members do and the responses to these questions help them in making endorsement decisions. A database of responses is available on the League’s website at New entries are added daily as they are returned to the League.
“When the winners of these elections arrive in Sacramento they’ll be making decisions that have profound impact on all of California’s cities for up to 12 years. We want to understand how the candidates running for the Assembly and Senate approach statewide issues affecting cities to judge how they will represent the interests of local government,” said League President and Rancho Cucamonga Mayor L. Dennis Michael. “This questionnaire is an excellent tool that our members can use when carefully weighing endorsing the candidates in their regions.”
The four questions are:
  • What is your perspective on local control and state preemption of local control?
  • How would you support addressing this (transportation) infrastructure funding deficit?
  • What is your solution to the housing crisis?
  • How should the state assist cities with this (water conservation and stormwater) crisis?
Founded in 1898, the League is the leading local control advocate for California’s cities. Through the organization, cities collectively marshal the resources to defend and expand local control in the Legislature, at the ballot box, in the courts and through strategic outreach to inform and educate the public, policymakers, and opinion leaders. League engagement has provided and protected hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for cities in recent years and preserved local control against many threats to the land-use, employee relations, and other authority of cities.

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