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Sep. 3, 2015


League of California Cities Supports Governor’s Transportation Funding Framework

The League of California Cities® issued the following statement from Executive Director Chris McKenzie today in support of Gov. Jerry Brown’s transportation funding framework:
“For too long California leaders have talked about the need for additional investment in the transportation system without taking the needed action. Today the Governor’s office shared a proposed framework that represents a balanced compromise and incorporates some of the best ideas from a number of California legislators and stakeholders. Included in that framework are a number of needed transportation reforms and a significant investment in the local streets and roads system and public transit.
“The League of California Cities urges the Legislature to come together and adopt a funding package based on this framework before adjourning next week.
“The local streets and roads we all rely on are literally crumbling beneath our feet … and the tires of our cars, buses, trucks and bicycles. The conditions are getting so bad that if Californians don’t commit to prioritizing funding to fix them, we will be facing the failure of a large portion of our bridges, streets and roads. And our pothole-filled roads are forcing drivers to pay a hidden tax of $762 per year to repair their vehicles because of poor conditions.  
“Whether you travel by car, truck, bus, train, bicycle, or on your own two feet, you are using a part of the transportation system. California has invested too much to let it go to ruins now. We need leadership on this important threat to the safety of Californians and our economy.  
“It is well past time for the Legislature to act.”
California’s local streets and roads are literally facing the tipping point. Pavement conditions according to the 2014 Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment are at 66 out of 100.

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