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Aug. 15, 2014


Medical Marijuana Bill Held in Committee; Frames Discussion for Future Legislative Discussions

Sacramento, CA Yesterday, the Assembly Appropriations Committee held SB 1262 by Senator Lou Correa D-34, Santa Ana, which would have established a robust regulatory structure for medical marijuana. 
The League of California Cities and the California Police Chiefs Association jointly sponsored this legislation after several years of combating legislation viewed as eroding local authority and creating a template for broader recreational use.
While we are disappointed that this measure was held in committee, we are proud of our collaborative work this year with law enforcement, cities, counties, patient advocates and others to create a well-thought out regulatory structure for the dispensing of medical marijuana.  We were also encouraged to see how support for this legislation grew as legislators preferred this approach to less restrictive and comprehensive alternatives.
SB 1262 included provisions requiring dispensary applicants to show local approval in the form of compliance with local ordinances in order to obtain a state license and protected patients’ rights and public safety.
While the measure may be stalled for the year, it served to change the nature of the discussion on marijuana regulation and forms a solid policy foundation to guide future legislative discussions. The League thanks Senator Correa for his tireless work and leadership on behalf of this measure and also appreciates the collaborative work that occurred with Assembly Member Tom Ammiano D-17, San Francisco. We look forward to continuing efforts next year with the Legislature and law enforcement to complete the work on this important matter.

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