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Local Governments to Play an Essential Role in Re-launched Energy Upgrade California Program

It’s Called Do Your Thing

May 2, 2017
California is famous for its innovative and pioneering spirit.
That is one reason why the state is a recognized leader in energy conservation. But it is why it is important for the state to do more to reach and exceed its ambitious energy goals. At the center of this effort is the newly re-launched Energy Upgrade California program. Cities and city leaders are encouraged to join this effort.

Sponsored by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), Energy Upgrade California is a statewide marketing, education and outreach initiative to promote energy management concepts, energy efficiency actions and clean energy opportunities for the state’s residents and businesses. The program is part of the greater effort to support California on its quest to double energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent before 2030. It may seem like a daunting task, but it starts with the flip of a light switch or the turn of a dial. 
Despite being a statewide program, Energy Upgrade California understands that change starts locally. This is why the program will need the leadership of local officials throughout the state — mayors, councilmembers and others — if it is to fundamentally transform the state’s energy habits and landscape. 
Empowering Californians to do more is what Energy Upgrade California is all about, but the program can’t succeed without a strong collective effort that includes California’s many diverse cities. Municipalities can get involved with the program in the following ways:
  • First, city councils across the state can pass resolutions pledging to support the program and its goals. The League’s Sacramento office has draft resolution language.
  • Next, demonstrate your city council’s support by sharing Energy Upgrade California’s website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages and content across your own social media channels with the hashtag #DoYourThing.
  • Finally, join the movement by “Doing Your Thing”— whether it’s upgrading lightbulbs or unplugging appliances when they’re not in use — and encourage your residents to do the same.  
The Energy Upgrade California introductory video provides more information in order to “Do Your Thing.”

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