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Governor Upholds Local Control of Parking Regulation with AB 2586 Veto

September 30, 2016
Gov. Jerry Brown on Sept. 30 vetoed AB 2586 (Gatto), a League-opposed measure, which would have limited cities’ ability to regulate their own parking regulations.
If the bill had been signed, it would have:
  • Required cities to make parking promptly available once street sweeping and other maintenance activities have been provided, creating confusion for city officials and residents alike in when drivers can actually park in a given space;
  • Prohibited cities from contracting with so-called “bounty hunters” when contracting out for parking enforcement by prohibiting cities from providing incentives for parking enforcement to simply fulfill their end of the bargain of enforcing city parking laws; and
  • Permanently prohibited cities from ticketing cars at broken meters, even in cases of suspected vandalism, despite city efforts to adopt such policies voluntarily and a lack of evidence to demonstrate cities ticketing cars at broken meters is a widespread problem. 
City streets are an essential part of overall infrastructure and provide much more than parking for residents. Urban forestry, undergrounded utilities, stormwater ways, and other essential infrastructure are inextricably linked to city streets. While cities do their best to accommodate their residents parking needs, residents also expect their cities to deliver other essential services, such as tree trimming, garbage collection, and debris removal.
The Governor’s Veto of AB 2586 helps return local control over parking regulations to where it belongs, with local government.

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