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Finance Officers Invited to Attend CDIAC Workshops

January 5, 2016
The California Debt & Investment Advisory Commission (CDIAC) is hosting two educational seminars, the first on advanced investments in late January and the second on disclosure in mid-February, that may be of interest to city finance officers.
Advanced Public Funds Investing: The Analytics of Investment Selection and Portfolio Decision-Making
Jan. 27-28, The Mission Inn, Riverside

In the summer of 2015, CDIAC produced a series of webinars titled The Public Fund Investment Portfolio. The series provided a thorough examination of the types of instruments that are permitted for local government investment under California Government Code 53601. CDIAC is collaborating with the California Municipal Treasurers Association to present this two-day seminar designed to build on the webinar series by providing a more advanced analysis of each instrument’s features and risks in the context of a portfolio structure. The January seminar will cover the more advanced concepts underlying sound public portfolio decision-making and include a practicum allowing seminar participants to put concepts into practice through an investment portfolio case-study simulation.
The cost is $250. Register online. 
Municipal Market Disclosure and the Importance of Disclosure Policies

Feb. 18, Franklin Templeton Investments Headquarters, San Mateo
Since 2010, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has predicated several enforcement actions at least in part on the failure of issuers to maintain sound disclosure policies. In addition, the SEC’s Enforcement Division has repeatedly placed heavy emphasis on issuers maintaining sound disclosure policies. In August 2015, the National Association of Bond Lawyers published guidelines to assist issuers in the development and administration of disclosure policies. This February seminar intends to continue that dialogue by providing participants with an understanding of the purpose, structure, and content of disclosure policies, as well as practices that help issuers implement and maintain them.
The cost is $150 for public officials and $250 for private. Register online.
For questions or comments regarding these two seminars, please call (916) 653-3269.

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