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High-Speed Broadband in California Public Libraries

August 24, 2016
The California State Library, joined together with The Califa Group and the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) to bring high-speed broadband to all of California’s public libraries by connecting to CalREN, a high-capacity 3,800-mile fiber optic network.
The Califa Group, a nonprofit library consortium, has been engaged by the California State Library to manage the rollout process with CENIC. After two years of implementation, 129 out of 176 of the eligible library jurisdictions in the state are either connected or in the process of connecting to CalREN.
Because libraries are central to their communities, connecting them to CalREN will effectively provide all of California’s residents with high-performance access to the myriad resources that constitute 21st century digital citizenship, and will provide California with all of the economic benefits of a digitally empowered population.
Public library jurisdictions in the state of California are eligible to connect to CalREN in year three of the project, which began in July 2016. For more information visit www.califa.org/broadband-project or contact broadband@califa.org.

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