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City Officials Should Tweet Pictures of Local Potholes to Their Legislators

September 1, 2015
The Fix Our Roads Coalition has launched a “Tweet Your Legislator” campaign in the final two weeks of the legislative session.
City officials are invited to participate and help show legislators the potholes and crumbling streets in their communities that need funding. California’s deteriorating roads cost motorists an average of $762 per driver annual for vehicle maintenance and without additional funding, one-quarter of all local streets and roads will be in failed condition by 2024.

The idea is simple: Take a picture of dilapidated roads in your area and tweet the photo to your legislators along with the following tweet: @legislatortwitterhandle Please #FixMyRoads! Support new #transportation funding, reforms and accountability. @fixcaroads #caleg.
The coalition website includes a page that has instructions that includes a search function to locate your legislators, sample tweets for each legislator and a link to Twitter.
The League of California Cities® is part of the Fix Our Roads Coalition, a broad coalition of cities, counties, labor, business and transportation advocate that formed to meet Gov. Jerry Brown’s call to address California’s chronic transportation infrastructure funding shortfall.
The coalition supports seven core priorities.
  1. Make significant investment in transportation infrastructure;
  2. Focus on maintaining and rehabilitating the current system;
  3. Invest a portion of diesel tax and/or Cap-and-Trade revenue to high priority goods movement projects;
  4. Raise revenues across a broad range of options;
  5. Equal spilt between state and local projects;
  6. Strong accountability requirements to protect the taxpayers’ investment; and
  7. Provide consistent annual funding levels.

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