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The 2015 Planning Commissioners Academy Is Almost Here

January 7, 2015
Even though the holidays are over, we’re keeping the holiday cheer alive with the anticipation of the 2015 Planning Commissioners Academy.
This year’s academy will be held from Wednesday, March 4 to Friday, March 6 at the Fairmont Newport Beach. The conference covers everything from Trimming the Fat: Streamlining Government Policies and Operations to Sex, Lies and Social Media: A Survival Guide for Public Officials.
The closing general session will feature Chuck Marohn, Strong Towns president and co-founder.
Here’s a summary of what you can expect at the closing general session, Curbside Chat:
  • Many local government decisions are dominated by a desire to experience growth and create jobs, but what if these short term objectives are undermining the long term financial health of our cities? Local leaders who focus on placemaking, right-sizing public infrastructure and resilient municipal growth strategies will create cities and towns that are economically stable as well as environmentally responsible. Discover how the way we currently build and finance cities provides a short term “illusion of wealth” but creates enormous long term liabilities. Learn how your government can make high-return investments and update methods for evaluating the financial viability of a building or transportation project.
Register online and select Planning Commissioners Academy. Registration must be received by Tuesday, Feb. 3. After this date all registration must be completed on site.
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