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Governor Issues California’s First Mandatory Water Restrictions

April 1, 2015
Gov. Jerry Brown is not only calling on Californians to save water, he took action today to require the State Water Resources Control Board to implement restrictions that mandate a 25 percent reduction statewide based on 2013 consumption.
The new restrictions will take into consideration the relative per-capita water usage in each community. According to the Governor’s news release, this equals approximately 1.5 million acre-feet of water over the next nine months. California has the lowest snowpack on record and is in its fourth year of drought.  

The Executive Order also contains a number of provisions to meet the reduction. The Governor wants 50 million square feet of lawn replaced with drought tolerant landscaping in partnership with local governments. Local governments are prohibited from using potable water to irrigate street medians. It also requires managers of large landscapes, such as golf courses and cemeteries, to reduce water usage and establishes a prohibition for new homes and development to irrigate with potable water unless done through a water-efficient drip system. The order increases enforcement and asks water agencies to implement conservation pricing.

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