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Help Set League Policy — Join a League Policy Committee!

September 19, 2014
The League's eight policy committees are composed of city officials from around the state.
Policy committees help develop League policy by reviewing legislation and participating in policy deliberations, suggesting broad new policy guidelines and studying key issues impacting cities.
The eight standing policy committees are:
The Role of League Policy Committees
Over 400 elected and appointed city officials serve on policy committees, and thus participate directly in establishing League policy. They add their collective expertise, wisdom and opinions to the policy debate that is the foundation of League policy. The recommendations from the policy committee are forwarded to the League's board of directors. The time commitment involves three to four meetings, beginning in January and ending at the League’s Annual Conference in the fall. Meeting locations rotate from statewide from northern to southern California locations.
Become a Policy Committee Member
It is easy to become a member of a policy committee. First, decide what policy areas interest you, and on which policy committee you wish to serve. Second, ask your division, department or affiliate president to appoint you to that policy committee. Third, if those slots are already filled, you may request the League president appoint you to a committee. 
Please be aware that all appointments end at the conclusion of each year's annual conference. Reappointments are not automatic and must be requested each year. League bylaws provide that each division has two appointments and each department has one appointment. The League president may appoint up to 16 members to each policy committee.
If you would like to request an appointment by the League president, submit a written request that includes a brief background on yourself and why you want to join the policy committee. Email your request with the written request attached to Meg Desmond. The League requests that presidential requests be submitted no later than Nov. 14 so they can be reviewed and acted upon in time for the upcoming 2015 legislative year. This will also allow plenty of time to process the appointments and send out the confirmations.
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Meg Desmond (916) 658-8224.

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