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Register for the 2015 City Managers' Department Meeting to Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Sessions

October 17, 2014
It’s time to register for the 2015 City Managers' Department Meeting.
The three-day meeting will be held Jan. 28-30 in San Francisco. By registering today, you can secure a place in the audience at a wide range of sessions including:
  • Changing of the Guard — Is your Organization Prepared? The city manager profession changes every year. Currently, the Baby Boomer city managers are retiring and many first-time city managers are taking their place. Whether or not the previous city manager prepared the organization for this transition, it happens (one way or another). This panel of first-time city managers, just a few years into their jobs, will discuss the trials and triumphs they experienced taking over an organization for the first time and will offer advice to those ready to hand over the keys of their organization within the next few years. 
  • The New Normal — How Diversity is Evolving in California Cities Who will inhabit cities in the next 20 years? Who will city governments be accountable to and what services will be necessary to plan thriving cities? Intersectionality is a new concept developed in the social sciences, humanities, and law to understand the intersections of ethnicity, race, class, gender, and sexuality in understanding the changing demographics first hitting California and Texas and soon the rest of the country. Through interactive maps, research on changing consumption patterns, and voting projections, this talk will introduce the concept of intersectionality to help city government think creatively about the future of cities. 
Registration may be completed online on or before Monday, Jan. 5.
Visit the City Managers' Department Meeting webpage for more information about sessions and speakers.

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