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Local Revenue Measure Results November 2014

November 6, 2014
The November statewide election included over 400 local measures including 268 seeking approval for taxes or bonds.
K-12 school districts and community colleges sought a total of $11.775 billion in 113 separate authorizations for bonds to construct facilities, acquire equipment, and make repairs and upgrades. There were just eight measures to increase or extend school parcel taxes. Preliminary results show 80 percent of school bonds and 70 percent of city general taxes passing. It is expected that more will pass once the final counts are tabulated.

Among the 147 non-school local revenue measures, four measures were asking for a total of $555.5 million in bonds, including a $500 million transportation bond measure in San Francisco. There were 32 city, county and special district parcel taxes requiring two-thirds voter approval, including two library measures, three street/road improvement measures, four parks and open space measures, 16 fire, emergency medical response measures and five police/fire measures.
Fifty-five proposals sought to extend or increase local sales taxes, ranging from the renewal of a 0.1 percent tax for the Fresno Zoo to a 1 percent increase proposed in 15 cities. Thirteen of the 55 sales tax measures earmark the tax proceeds for a particular purpose, making them special taxes requiring two-thirds voter approval under Proposition 13.
League Fiscal Consultant Michael Coleman’s review of the preliminary results is available online.

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