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ILG Releases Good Governance Checklist

November 7, 2014
Good governance, its principles and practice help to establish trust between local agencies and the public they serve and hold local officials and staff accountable for their decisions and actions. In an effort to promote good governance at the local level, the Institute for Local Government recently released a “Good Governance Checklist: Good and Better Practices.”
The checklist covers major topics including stewardship of public resources, transparency, education and personnel and campaigns and offers best practices on financial practices, risk management, public engagement, sustainability and intergovernmental collaboration and partnerships.
The goal of the checklist is to help local agencies promote good practices and minimize the risk of missteps that could undermine or damage public trust and confidence. It is meant to be a tool that local agency officials and staff use to honestly evaluate the policies and procedures in place in their agencies and can be used as a dashboard to show a picture of an agency’s current governance practices. It can also give agencies ideas for implementing new policies and procedures and serve as a starting point for conversations with department heads and staff about creating better policies and practices.

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