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Calling All Cities! ARB Issues CoolCalifornia City Challenge

January 31, 2014
The Air Resources Board (ARB) is challenging cities across California to cut carbon emissions in its annual CoolCalifornia City Challenge competition.
Cities throughout California are invited to sign up now through March 30 to participate in the statewide competition that will run from April 1 through Aug. 31. The competition is designed to engage households and community groups in cities across the state to use less energy, reduce their carbon footprints and build more vibrant and sustainable communities. Participants in each city log their actions to reduce greenhouse gases onto an online carbon calculator which determines how much carbon is being cut in each municipality.
The ARB-generated challenge combines social media, community organizing and sophisticated online tools developed at the University of California, Berkeley, to reduce California’s carbon emissions at the local level. The challenge encourages individuals to make better energy-related choices at home, at the store and on the road.
This year, $100,000 in incentive and prize money will be given to cities participating in the CoolCalifornia City Challenge, with Energy Upgrade California™ joining as a new partner and sponsor. As an added perk, the winning city will earn the title of “Coolest California City.” Cash prizes will be given to cities that meet certain milestones. Cities participating in the CoolCalifornia City Challenge will receive prize money based on how many people they have signed up and how many points they have earned at the end of the contest.

Key dates for this year’s competition:
  • Now through March 30: Cities sign up to participate. To do so, send an email to challenge@coolcalifornia.org with “Add My City” in the subject line. Administrators will work with you to officially join the 2014 competition.
  • April 1 – Aug. 31: Participants earn points during the five-month challenge.
  • Starting May 30: Prize money will be awarded to cities based on new participant sign-ups.
  • October 2014: The awards ceremony crowning the victor and runner-up cities.

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