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Governor’s Active Transportation Program Approved by Legislature

September 19, 2013
The Legislature last week approved SB 99 (Committee on Budget & Fiscal Review), which contained the final version of the Active Transportation Program (ATP).  Some additional provisions of the ATP are included in SB 95 and AB 101.
The Governor initially proposed the ATP as part of his January Budget Proposal.  As originally proposed the ATP would have consolidated five existing programs into a single Active Transportation Program covering bicycle, pedestrian, and mitigation programs. The Legislature deferred action and directed the Transportation Agency to conduct meetings after the proposal garnered considerable opposition by stakeholders during the main budget discussions. The final proposal, outlined below, represents the product of those meetings. 
A total of $129.5 million will be available for the ATP.  Funding will be divided between the state and regions subject to guidelines that will be adopted by the California Transportation Commission
Once signed by the Governor, the framework of the Active Transportation Program will include:
  • Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) – Fully consolidate into the ATP.
  • Recreational Trails – Retain $3.4 million from TAP for the Recreational Trails Program administered by the Department of Parks and Recreation. All other Recreational Trails funding will be consolidated into the ATP.
  • Safe Routes to Schools – The Safe Routes to Schools Program is guaranteed a minimum of $24 million annually for the first three years. Of that amount, $7.2 million is set aside for non-infrastructure programs, including technical assistance by the state. 
  • Bicycle Transportation Account – Fully consolidate into the ATP.
  • Federal Safety Funds/Other Federal Funds – Consolidation $21 million in additional federal funds fully consolidated in the ATP.
  • Disadvantaged Communities – 25 percent of the ATP funds must be used in disadvantaged communities.
The Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program will remain a stand-alone program administered by the Natural Resources Agency, and is not included in the ATP.

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